Childrens’ International Summer Villages (CISV) is a international youth group that aims to “Build Global Friendship” through summer camps and other exchange programs. Each year, they host camps around the world where groups of children come together from every corner of the world to live together for a month. Canada has 10 local chapters and there are chapters in over 60 countries.

When I was 11 years old, I was selected to go to Norway with one other boy, two girls, and an adult leader from Victoria. The five of us traveled together, as a delegation, to live with 11 other delegations for month. In all, there were 48 children from countries including: Thailand, Israel, Egypt, Brasil, and more. It was truly an incredible experience.

As an adult, I have volunteered with the local chapter in various capacities, including being the Junior Branch Adult Liaison. The local chapter has monthly meetings, and three weekend camps a year through a youth-lead steering committee. I mentored this committee and provided guidance as they planned, ran, and executed various activities and events.

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