March 2015 to Present

I am a web application developer for Nokia working on applications for Software Defined Networking (SDN). I create web applications in React/Redux that monitor and steer network traffic using BGP and Openflow Protocols.

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When I joined Nokia, the company was using an outdated web application framework. It required a web browser to download 10MB of JavaScript just to draw a table. It was slow, time-consuming to develop with, and full of bugs. Over the course of several months, I convinced the organization to change using a series of proof of concepts. I lead the department to modernize their web applications using a new platform based on React/Redux and Webpack. Today, we have over 40 developers using the foundation that I put in place.

My day to day responsibilities include being the project lead for web applications on the SDN platform, and providing guidance and consultation for other web application teams.


Nokia Spotlight Award for Excellence in Initiative and Contribution

“…Andrew took the initiative and investigated various technologies for the GUI development. He provided demos comparing the tools and libraries and proposed the React framework for GUI development. He provided training for the designers and developed first React based common components and framework to develop these components. Andrew has been putting a lot of overtime to make sure the success of the [Product].”

Business Excellence Award

“Outstanding work on the NSP GUI which enabled the flow control and PCE applications to quickly get to market. Andrew also pushed the adoption of React in the team which is increasing overall velocity.”

Recognition - Premium Parking

“Andrew Herriot is well known among NSP web developers for his significant contribution to the NSP GUI platform. React was chosen for NSP’s modern-looking GUI development based on his initiative. He has been leading the GUI design in NRC-F team as well as contributing to the common components and NSP GUI framework. Andrew is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the React GUI components and his commitment to the quality of the GUI framework is recognized by his colleagues.”


Nokia NSP Youtube preview
Youtube Video highlighting the Nokia NSP Product